Gemini Paper Guillotines

Choosing the Right Paper Guillotine

Easi UK partner with one of the largest Guillotine Manufacturing Companies in South East Asia, if not world wide to bring you a fantastic new and exclusive range of paper guillotines. Since 1995, our factory has been developing new and innovative Guillotines to suit the ever changing demands of the digital print market and has been at the forefront of cutting technology since around 2010, and today, their guillotines are among the most advanced in the industry. We now have access to one of the largest ranges of guillotines available worldwide. Guillotines of this type are often referred to as "Ream Cutters" as they are designed to cut through a full ream of paper or card in one action.

Our latest products now incorporate our new OPS safety package (Operator Protection System) which incorporates an IR Safety Curtain, twin trigger activation and rear guarding which is all locked down and electronically interlocked with switches to prevent bypass of the front safety circuits.

Our latest additions to our Gemini paper guillotine range are the new Gemini 525H, 560H and our largest capacity and flagship 670H. These new paper guillotines all incorporate the new OPS System and offer a 35% productivity increase over the equivalent lid guarded electric variants from other manufacturers. The Digital H range all offer fully hydraulic high speed operation to ensure fast, reliable and fully adjustable pressure cutting - these models have recently been fully revised to now include a 270 mm Colour Touch Screen with full program control, calculator and some unique automated multi-cut functions without the need to be utilising on of the 80 program memories. The new H Range are designed to perfectly match the requirements, volumes and cut capacity of the latest digital print engines including the high volume Indigo, iGen & Ricoh Production Presses.

Gemini, The Ideal Guillotine for your Requirements

When choosing the right paper guillotine for you, the first step is to consider how frequently it will be used, and on what scale.

For the low to mid volume users, the Gemini 490 Guillotine offers customers a compact, easy to use, reliable and robust electronic paper guillotine solution. It incorporates many unique features that are normally associated with larger guillotines and has a full 80 step program with memory function for up to 80 jobs with auto step between cuts. The model also features a clamp system with full pressure adjustment from 100 to 900 Kgs of force. This model has been our best selling unit in 2017 with over 50 units now in use across the UK.

For those with a bigger budget and higher demand, the Gemini 525H, Gemini 560H and Gemini 670H employ the latest technology to provide a fully configured commercial print guillotine for the B2 and digital print market. This paper guillotine includes fully hydraulic operation of both the knife and clamp, the latter with infinite pressure control, enabling fine adjustment over the holding of the stack to be cut without damaging the print work. They also incorporate a foot treadle for pre-clamping, a false clamp plate for pressure spreading, a full air table throughout the working area and a new 270 mm Colour Touch Screen as standard.

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