Introducing EASI UK - An Exclusive Brand of TFP

We have developed new and exciting partnerships with leading manufacturing facilities in south east Asia which has enabled The Finishing Point to bring to market some of the most advanced print finishing technology currently available in Europe. In order to distinguish this new range from our existing partner ranges we have created a new brand known as EASI UK.

Our manufacturing partners 200,000 square meter factory is centrally located yet has excellent air, rail and sea connections with Europe. The manufacturing processes employed comply, and in many cases  exceed ISO9001, ISO12001 standards as well as operating to 6S Management Processes to ensure perfect working practices in line with many of Europe’s leading manufacturers. All our machines have also been CE Certified and Authenticated in the UK to ensure absolute compliance on our complete range.

Working in partnership with our own manufacturing facility in south east Asia, EASI UK has developed a whole new range of innovative  technology and equipment specially created and formulated for the Digital Print Finishing Industry.  The Easi UK range is currently split in to 4 targeted segments, Guillotines, Laminating, Binding and a new range of automated creasing and automated finishing solutions due to launch in late 2018. All models are stocked at our Cheshire base with a full and comprehensive parts store for each model as well as our own in house engineering team offering national UK coverage on all of our machinery. Each model is also backed by our no quibble 12 Month warranty with full on site engineering support enabling any purchase to be made with absolute confidence. We also have a complete demonstration suite where we can show you our full range of EASI UK machinery in a relaxed environment.

Gemini Paper Guillotines & What they Offer

The first on this list is the new Gemini range of Paper Guillotines which have been successfully sold throughout the UK and Ireland for the past two years. We have received much positive feedback with regards to the reliability, ease of operation and accuracy of our machinery with several customers returning and specifically requesting our Gemini products. We sold over 50 units of the Gemini 465 Guillotine in 2017 with that trend continuing in to 2018 with several installations being completed each month. As a result of this success we have further enhanced our Gemini Paper Guillotine range with the addition of several  new lines aimed at the higher volume digital and commercial printers looking to cut up to SRA1 sheets.

The latest Gemini Hydraulic Guillotines are available in cut widths from 520 to 670 mm all offering fully hydraulic operation of both the knife and clamp with pressure adjustment also possible on the clamp from 200 to 1,500daN. To further enhance this new range of Paper Guillotines we have fitted all models with the latest in colour touch screen technology ranging from 180 mm on the 525H up to 270 mm on the 560H and 670H. The screens all offer ultimate ease of control, instant setup, programming features including the unique divide program function which accounts for gutters and margins automatically as well as full diagnostics and instant calculations with integrated calculator functions. Also included as standard is a three point control of the back gauge to remove squareness issues which is further enhanced with Servo Motors to accurately power the back gauge at speed between positions. A class leading cutting capacity of 88 mm across the range as well as side tables as standard on all models concludes the package on the new Gemini range.

Multi-Lam Laminating Machines

The new and innovative Multi-Lam range has been specially developed to fill a gap in the market for a desktop range of short run digital laminating machines that also offer the latest in Foiling and Sleeking techniques. The range is still new to the UK having only been officially launched in early 2018 but already we can see there is a high demand for this product.

No other laminating machines currently on the UK market offer such a complete package in a compact, easy to use desktop format. Unlike other desktop laminating machines which are slow, cumbersome and don't offer the best results and certainly not able to offer foiling, the Multi-Lam range are surprisingly quick in operation and versatile with the ability to offer single and double sided laminating, encapsulating and foiling as standard. This is all made possible by high powered 1,400 Watt heating elements partnered with a steel chrome upper roller providing high pressure in a traditional spring loaded setup.

The Multi-Lam models are currently available in either semi and fully automated desktop formats with both machines offering guided feed sequences based on the sheet length being laminated. A sensor on the front table is programmed from the LCD Display which includes sheet length and gap requirements between each sheet, this allows for semi or fully automated single side laminating with or without an overlap on each sheet. For double sided laminating the gap can be set to zero so the sheets are essentially stream fed either by hand or automated on the auto feed models. A built in perforation blade on the upper roller also allows the sheets to be easily split once laminated.

In late 2018 we will be bringing to market the latest vacuum fed Multi-Lam machine which offers fully automated feeding of coated and un-coated stocks up to 400 gsm. Built in sheet separation allows for completely operator free operation in a package that is not only compact but also free standing and at class leading prices.

EasiBinder Perfect Binding Machines

Our EasiBinder range has been a huge success since we launched the machines at The Print Show in 2017. We sold 7 machines from the stand which have all been installed and operational for the past 6 months without any problems or return calls. Partnering our machines with the latest in Digital Adhesives from Planatol has enabled us to offer a cost efficient, reliable and high speed solution to the problem of perfect binding digitally printed materials usually only possible with much more costly PUR devices.

The EasiBinder range offers full spine preparation with an integrated milling and riving head, independent glue tanks for the side and main glue rollers, independently adjustable carriage and nipping station height to ensure perfect book alignment and 3 operating modes ensuring any book large or small can be processed with ease.

Our own latest 2018 brochure, which is available now, has all been produced in house using our machinery including the EasiBinder 800 and EasiBinder 500. All the internal sheets are coated 150 gsm gloss with a 300 gsm matt board cover which has also been laminated. The complete brochure has been printed in house on our Xerox Colour 560 Digital Press and once complete the brochure is a testament to the quality and strength that our EasiBinder machinery offers, even on digital media!

EasiCrease Card Creasing Machines

Our Easicrease range was first introduced over 10 years ago when we developed our own manual compact card creasing machine in house. The entire machine was designed and manufactured in Warrington, Cheshire and proved to be a huge success with over 1,500 units sold across the UK and Europe. Due to constraints on costs for the development and build of that model we outsourced the build to China and have since been developing a new range of Card Creasing Machinery under the EasiCrease brand.

This new range will include a semi auto programmable card creasing machine known as the A330 which will be a desktop device designed at the short to medium run print markets. The larger fully automated KC330 will incorporate a new vacuum feed technology and instant setup caliper system to ensure the crease is perfect on every stock instantly with zero setup. Furthermore, both models will have the option of Cross Perforation in a variety of TPi options and will link directly to our latest generation of EasiBinder perfect binding machines which will allow for automated cover creasing and insertion to the binder to offer a modular upgrade solution.

The new EasiCrease models will be launched at The Print Show 2018!