Digital Laminating Machines

The Need for Digital Laminating Machines

Digital laminating has increased in importance since the turn of the millennia when the emergence of digital print engines really took hold in the print markets. Traditional style laminating films and roll laminating machines simply could not handle the output from digital print engines due to the way these machines applied the inks and toners to the media.

Huge changes in paper types and stocks also took place around the same time with coated and gloss stocks becoming more popular when used with digital print output. These two changes to the market lead the film and machine manufacturers to develop new specialist machinery, films, and techniques to enable the laminating process to still take place. Film such as Ultra Bond was introduced to the market and was quickly supported by the print machinery manufacturers as partner products guaranteeing adhesion to their print outputs.

During this period machinery also changed dramatically with manufacturers introducing digital laminating machines aimed at the short run markets with unique abilities such as sleeking and foiling possible on a single print if needed. Traditional foil stamping where you need to manufacture specialist die tools could easily be replaced whilst offering the exact same effect for a fraction of the cost. 

Achieve an Exceptional Finish with Obeli Laminating Machines!

Obeli International have created a new range of Digital Laminating Solutions with unique abilities in a compact desktop design as well as the coming soon launch of the new Fully Automated LPSC33 Range. We have formed strong relationships with the market leaders within this field to ensure that the machinery and films that we offer provide you with an exceptional finish. Obeli International in the UK are offering their complete range of digital laminating machines as well as their range of films and printable media to customers across the UK & Europe. The Obeli range has been designed to support digital output and each machine offers the latest sleeking and foiling applications directly out of the box.

The LPSC33 Auto Laminating solution is going to break the laminating mold when it is launched mid 2018, it incorporates many unique and patented features as well as a high capacity digital vacuum feed head taken directly from the proven Swift range of machinery. Unlike other automated laminating solutions currently available which are designed primarily for single side laminating, the LPSC33 will offer fully automated traditional encapsulation with four side trimming all of which is automatically adjustable, single side laminating with auto sheet separation utilising a new cutter mechanism (Far more reliable) instead of the normal burst action as well as double sided laminating again with full sheet separation. The unique internal design and automated setup of LPSC33 also allows the machine to laminate or encapsulate traditional sized photographs allowing you to create bespoke mini photo-books. This machine will be a true load and walk away product and available in 3 different formats to suit the various markets it is being aimed at.

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