Perfect Binding Machines

Perfect Binding Machines

The Obeli International manufacturing facility has been developing and creating perfecting binding machinery since 1995 and has designed some of the market leading equipment. Obeli International supply high quality perfect binding machinery aimed at the digital print and on-demand markets as well as offices, design companies, colleges and universities. Obeli International's manufacturing partner has a long-standing reputation for supplying industry leading machinery which helps businesses to expand their services whilst delivering an exceptional product. So, no matter how big or small your binding needs may be, we can provide you with a solution which is tailored perfectly to your exact needs.

We partner our machinery with the latest developments in Glue Technology and have studied carefully the emergence of PUR and the benefits and negatives that format of glue brings. We firmly believe that the new more traditional EVA style glues from Planamelt, such as Planamelt R, Planamelt S and Planamelt Pro offer a far better all round solution to the problem of binding digital & traditional lithographic prints. Whilst we also believe there is still a requirement and demand for PUR, particularly in the high end of digital print production, we also believe that this demand will diminish with the emergence of the new style Polymer Based EVA hybrid glue systems. These latest Polymer Resin Glues are far easier to use, cleaner for the environment, do not require expensive and complicated sealed tanks and pneumatic pumping systems, have a much shorter curing time, require very little maintenance whilst the initial investment in machinery is also far lower.

About Perfect Binding 

Perfect binding is the process by which hot glue (EVA or PUR) is applied to the spine of a stack of documents, also known as the book block, a wrap around cover is then applied to the spine whilst the glue is still hot to produce a traditional paperback book. The Yellow Pages or Holiday Brochures are fantastic everyday examples of perfect binding. Paperback or soft cover books are also normally bound using perfect binding machines. New machinery and techniques are also enabling traditional hard back book creation to be completed using Perfect Binding machines.

To ensure a perfect bond to the internal papers and cover the book block is passed through a high speed milling/sawing assembly which also integrates heavy duty Riving Knives which deepen the milling action. This milling and riving action opens the paper fibres along the spine of the book in order to allow the glue to penetrate into the spine and create, in effect an interleaved web of glue and paper fibres. This structural interwoven pattern, once cured, provides an ultra strong bond between the inner sheets and the spine of glue. Whilst the glue is still activated and hot, the machine lifts the book cover table and forces the pre-creased cover on to the glued spine before clamping the spine (Known as Nipping) to form a secure firm bond between inner sheets and outer cover. The glue is then left to cure, standard EVA's cure in just a few minutes, PUR a minimum of 24 hours before any handling and the new Polymer EVA hybrids around 2-3 hours before you can complete the process with the guillotine or three knife trimmer.

We do recommend our new Hydraulic Gemini range for the trimming of perfect bound books as you can reduce the pressure to avoid damaging the book.

We are the UK Exclusive Importer and Distributor of the EasiBinder range. We also supply all matching consumables including the latest Planamelt Glue range.

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