Photo-Book Binding

Photo albums have been common place in most homes since the invention of cameras, however, with the evolution of the digital camera and smart phones integrating high end lenses more and more people are creating their own bespoke photo-books rather than the traditional album.

The latest digital printing presses offer super high quality prints and are ideal for the creation of these new style Photo-Books which is also an ideal way to add a new revenue stream that is highly lucrative to your existing print or copy shop environment. Our patented lay-flat technology allows easy production of high end photo-books and wedding albums which can benefit from the ability to laminate our finished prints and yet still ensure they open and lie flat once bound in to a completed document or hard back book.

Commonly Photo-Books are case or softback bound with the high end products such as wedding albums physically sewn for the ultimate high end finish. However, all these methods don't necessarily a true lay flat finished book, especially if they are traditionally case bound or sewn. Our solution, the WC515 Layflat Punch, offers a unique and new approach to this market category which can be utilised with existing binding technologies including case bound, softback bound and fully sewn bound high end documents or books. The system is easy to use and extremely versatile whilst also offering the ability to add value to your finished products or even for you to extend in to a new and untapped market.

How Does it Work?

The WC515 Layflat Punch uses the same technology you can find within our Swift Creasing machinery range, the patented technology we call Progressive Creasing. However, unlike the crease solutions which create a layflat finish in card materials by incrementally adjusting the crease on the fly, the WC515 Layflat Punch physically punches the paper edge. The finish is more akin to a large Perforation Line than a crease or traditional binding style punch pattern, however, the technology and method behind the WC515 are well proven and already very popular in various countries around the globe.

The Progressive Punch can be programmed to start and finish at exact points on each sheet, simply program the machine with a starting position, the adjustment you require for the thickness of each sheet (this is the increment in which the position will adjust) and how many sheets make up the completed photo book. The WC515 will now punch each sheet in turn at the pre-determined increments to create either an upward increment, downward increment or a V Shaped Up & Down increment depending on what you have programmed.

Key Features

The key feature is the ability to now laminate your photo pages on both sides to fully protect the document, you can even add a Soft-Touch film for the ultimate in luxury finish or create some special effect finishes such as foil or holographic images to your prints once laminated. As the prints are all incrementally punched and then laminated the sheets will fold easily and completely flat along the punched line, the strength of the document is re-enforced by the laminate, thus ensuring the photo-book will last a life time and stand up to even the most arduous of use.

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