Board Cutters

Trimfast offer a range of traditional rotary paper cutters as well as an advanced range of wide format board cutting machinery ideal for the graphics and sign making markets.

The range of Trimfast Board Cutters consists of 5 variants all offering similar properties but also designed to be tied in to varying environments. Starting with the simple safety straight edge which allows for a scalpel blade to be accurately and safely drawn across your prints by placing the steel straight edge rule on you cutting mat. We then advance to the 3 table top solutions all built around the same platform, the General Purpose Cutter, the Integrated Cutter and the Cutter Bar. All three models are able to cut up to 15mm boards as well as vinyls and other graphics using a simple utility blade held accurately and securely in the cutting head. The three machines have a clamp mechanism that holds the material being cut and and allows for the head to be pressed down in to a track and drawn across by the operator for quick accurate cutting. 

The General Purpose Model is an off the shelf finished product, ideal for studios that don't have the space or the requirement for the machine to be on a bench ready for action. It can be stored easily when not in use.

The Integrated Cutters offer bench mountable solution with built in clamp and lifters, easy to install and ready to go from the box, ideal as it can be mounted to any desk.

The Cutter Bar offers a modular solution which can grow with you or be purchased in a specific setup. It is designed for use with the Trimfast cutter table and comes with mounts for that table.

The A-Frame is the flagship model offering a vertical cutting station for a wide variety of materials including aluminium, glass and di-bond.

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