Corner Rounding Machines

Advantages of Corner Rounding Machines

Punching and round cornering work in general, is a process well suited to mass production. However the initial tooling costs, of both the machine and the job-specific cylinder press tool, are high. This limits round corner print work from being used for much small-volume and bespoke work such as tickets or invites. A turret corner punch is one way of addressing this cost. The tooling of a turret punch uses a large number of standard punch tools: radius dies of varying sizes, straight edges or commonly-used notches. By incorporating a large number of different radius tools, a turret corner punch may make a wide variety of results without having to first make a specialised tool for a cylinder press for that task. This saves both time and money, allowing faster and more bespoke work to be produced and ideal to allow low volume production to start without tooling delays and associated costs.

Our turret punch has a choice of up to 7 tools in a "turret" that can be rotated to bring any tool to the punching position in seconds. A simple angle or straight edge is cut directly from the pile or block placed under the cutting tool or turret. As our tools do not require a matching punch and die set, the turret simply presses onto a cutting stick which is fixed below the punch head impact point, the setup and job changeovers can be completed in seconds. Several punches of identical shape may be created in seconds or even odd radius corners can be created by simply rotating the shaft so each corner is turned to a different angle.

Less is More

As each tool in a turret punch setup is relatively small, the punch action requires very little power compared to a cylinder press. This allows the tools to be lighter, easily engineered and low cost to create and replace. Turret punches can operate faster per stroke than a more traditional style tool press or pneumatic die cutting press, although of course many more strokes are often required as you rotate your materials to complete each action. However, the low cost nature, ease of use and versatility of the turret design punch system makes this method ideal for the digital print marketplace where often volumes are quite low and on-demand, this short run requirement does not suit a cylinder or die cutting machine.

The Perfect Solution for all budgets

Our new range of Cornering Machines is ever expanding and built around the same principle, ease of use and maximum value for money. The latest addition is the EasiCorner 50 which integrates 7 different radius tools in to the turret head design. These tools are also easily exchanged for different shapes such as the 45 degree angle tool which is ideal for luggage tags.

Our range also provide a powerful solution for round cornering up to a 60 mm stack in one action and the ability to incorporate a foot pedal which enables larger sheet sizes to be completed, even up to SRA3. Changeovers are completed in seconds and the machine requires virtually zero maintenance.

Other ideas we have include the possibility of integrating a Euro Slot Punch and Calendar Thumbcut Punch in to future models, this would require an interchangeable front alignment assembly as both these styles are created on a straight edge rather than an angle.

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