Deskside Shredders

Shredding Machines and Paper Shredders designed for deskside use. Ideal small Paper Shredding companions for individual users around the office or home office use.

Our range of Deskside Shredding Machines are available in a variety of Security Levels from level 2 to Level 7. The Level 7 Deskside Shredding Machines are ideal for Chairman, Managing Director, CEO offices where highly confidential waste needs to be shredded in small volumes. By placing a High Security Deskside Shredding Machine at the point of information contact it prevents any confidential documents leaving the office and therefore removes the risk of knowledge leakage. This is particularly important for large Corporate, Military, Government and Pharmaceutical companies where confidentiality is key.

Deskside Shredding Machines are also very handy for smaller offices of maybe 2 or 3 staff as the larger range of Deskside shredding machines are capable of servicing a small team of office staff. This level of machine is also available as both Strip Cut and Cross Cut versions.

The small Deskside range are ideal for home use or individual use around the office. Some corporates prefer to offer shredders at each deskside rather than a larger machine in the middle of the office, in some instances this can work out more favourable and prevents waste from being moved around the office and maybe left around desks etc.

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