Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive Shredding Machines and Hard Drive Punches are the latest development for the IT, Office and Print industries.

Hard Drives are found in everyday office items such as the copier or print machines as well as the more commonly known desktop PC, server and office backup systems. It is not commonly known that the standard everyday Copier, found in virtually every office, houses a Hard Drive deep within the bowels of the machine. The purpose of this Hard Drive is perfectly ordinary, the Hard Drive is there to store data that is being queued to print, by incorporating a Hard Drive it enables a whole office to send items to print at the same time, the copier merely controls the queue whilst the Hard Drive stores the image ready to print.

The problem with this is that copiers don't last forever, in most cases they are changed regularly at around the 5 year cycle. When the copier is changed the whole unit is removed from site, including the hard drive. The hard drives in most cases are never checked or so called wiped clean of data before removing. In 5 years imagine what has passed through the copier, Payslips? Pension advice? Bank Details? Staff Information? All neatly stored and catalogued within the hard drive, you only need to add a PC and the hard drive data can be accessed within only a few minutes, all downloaded and used for criminal gain. The blame then lies with the company who owned the copier, not the copier company who sold or removed it, this would be a breach of the Data Protection Act and in some cases a breach of national security depending on who owned the copier.

Our range of Hard Drive Shredding Machines and Punches completely remove the risk, once destroyed the data can never be accessed again. The Hard Drive is completely irretrievable and can be safely disposed of for re-cycling.

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