High Security Shredding

Our range of High Security Shredding Machines are designed to destroy the most sensitive documents and office waste. This level of shredding machine complies to Legal, Military and US standard of highly secure shredding.

The High Security Shredding machines employ two banks of shred heads to completely destroy the document to a format which is not only completely unidentifiable and unreadable it is virtually paper dust. The paper particles are as small as 0.8mm x 5mm which are not visible by the Human eye, not even the smallest text font is visible on the shredded document.

High Security shredding machines are often employed in the Legal and Accountancy sector due to the high level of confidentiality documents these industries handle. By law the Legal sector should be destroying sensitive documentation to level P5, however, for UK Government and UK Military that level is raised to Level P6 with US Military and Government standard being Level P7. Therefore, if you are a legal company or accountancy firm or any other business sector dealing with high security documentation you should be incorporating a Level P6 minimum or ideally Level P7 shredding machine to ensure you comply the latest regulations. Would you want to be the company whose waste is sifted by thieves looking for highly secure documents which have not been shredded to the necessary level?

Level P6 and Level P7 shredders are also popular as deskside machines for the corporate sectors whose CEO and MD may be dealing with documents that should not be read outside of their offices. In order to completely guarantee secure destruction the documents can be destroyed at source whilst still in the office of the CEO, Chairman or MD.

None of the High Security shredding machines range are high volume machines, even the largest machine only shreds up 9 sheets at once due to the amount of power and effort it takes to dismantle a sheet to particles. Therefore, often these shredders are purchased in multiples in order to be placed around the office and servicing only a small number of staff or a dedicated team. It is good practice to also incorporate a number of lower security shredders in order to keep all your waste secure.

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