Office Shredding

Shredding Machines and Paper Shredders have been used in Offices around the world for many years, the range of shredding machines available is vast with the Office range of shredders having the most condensed choice available.

Office Shredding Machines are available in a variety of sizes with the entire range available in both Strip and Cross Cut variety, some of the office shredders are also available as High Security Level 5 and 6 machines.

An Office Shredding Machine is purchased based on 2 factors, the security level and the size of the team in the office who need to use the shredder, obviously price also plays a part but not as big a part as you think.

Bad advice when purchasing a shredder can be costly, it is far more cost effective to purchase an Office Shredding Machine that has the correct throughput and volume for your office than to purchase a lower cost Shredding Machine that will struggle with your day to day workload. There is evidence to back this up, shredding can be seen as a chore and therefore not get done, and confidential waste is then simply put in to the nearest waste bin. However, if the shredder in the office is the correct size and volume not only will the shredding machine be available for use it will also do the job quickly and efficiently, people will then be happy to use it. Secondly, buying a Shredding Machine that is too small can also cause problems with reliability, if the shredder is overloaded constantly and breaking, again people will not use it.

The calculation is simple, smaller offices of 10 staff or less should look towards the lower/mid-range of office Shredding Machines with offices of 10-40 staff should look towards the larger office shredding machine range, 40+ staff should look at the large range only or Central Industrial shredding machines or a combination of smaller machines to service individual groups of 10 or fewer staff. This simple method will save money, time and effort whilst also ensuring confidentiality which is the main reason a shredding machine is purchased.

Some of the Larger Shredding Machines also incorporate self-oiling mechanisms which in today’s busy office environments cuts down on the need for maintenance on the machines. Oiling is a big part of owning any shredder, not enough oil and the machine can become unreliable, self-oiling machines take all this effort away and ensure many years of untroubled use.

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