P2 Stripcut (4 or 6mm)

Paper Shredding Machines are available in a range of Security Levels to suit different applications. The Security Level P2 Paper Shredding Machines displayed here are for non-confidential waste or high volume office paper disposal.

Security Level P2 Paper Shredding Machines shred the papers into 4 or 6mm strips, which after shredding can still be read and in many cases pieced back together, hence why this level is used for non-secure waste.

A major advantage of low security level shredders is the volume of paper these machines can handle in a single pass. It is possible for an Office sized paper shredding machine to be able to handle up to 55 sheets of paper in a single pass, even the smaller deskside shredders can handle double numbers of sheets in this format.

Another surprise advantage of Level P2 shredding machines is their ability to destroy cardboard into re-useable strips for the packaging industry. How many boxes are thrown in to the waste every day when they could be recycled in house and used for packaging materials. It is becoming more and more common that packaging materials are eco-friendly and carbon neutral, shredding your used boxes, cartons and cardboard sheets enables packaging materials to be created in house and boosts your companies eco credentials.

Strip cut paper waste produced from Security Level P2 shredders has also been found to be ideal for Pet and Animal bedding. Strip cut paper waste is an ideal insulator and moisture absorber, making it ideal for pet and animal bedding. We have several companies using our High Volume Strip Cut shredders purely to produce and supply pet and animal bedding.

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