P3 Crosscut (6x 50mm)

Our range of Paper Shredding Machines are available in various security levels in line with the latest International Shredding Standards. The group of shredding machines shown here are from our range of Security Level P3 Cross Cut.

Security Level P3 Cross Cut paper shredding machines are primarily the bulk industrial shredders rather than the office range. Security Level P3 in this range of machines is certified as 6 x 50mm chips. These ranges of machines are still confidential waste shredders but with an overall lower security level than the deskside or office range.

Many corporate companies insist on a Cross Cut shredding machine, Level 3 is the entry level in to Cross Cut Shredding but does provide secure disposal of office paper. It is ideal for general office paper and confidential documents used around the office, Level 3 is not expected to be used for Highly Confidential Documents, Legal Documents, Government or Royal Documents, Accountancy information, Level P5 Shredding machines as well as Level P6 and Level P7 are designed for highly confidential waste.

Level 3 Paper Shredding Machines however do have a higher capacity of shredding within each cycle. As a Level 3 shredder only shreds to a chip size of 6 x 50mm it manages to take up to around 700 sheets in one cycle for the large industrial range of shredders. Level 3 is one of the most popular Shredding Machine levels around the world as is meets the demand and requirements of the widest audience.

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