P6 MicroCut (0.8x12mm)

The Paper Shredding Machines at Security Level P6 often incorporate 2 separate pairs of shredding heads, as a result the shredded waste is shredded again before being deposited in the waste bin.

The 1st pair of Paper Shredding Shafts shred the documents to security level P4 for Level P6 machines, although Level P4 is classed as confidential it is not sufficient for highest levels of security to be maintained. The 2nd Pair of Paper Shredding Shafts re shreds the document again to Levels P6 which to the naked eye is complete dust particles, in actual fact the finished particle size for Security Level P6 is 0.8mm x 12mm.

It is common for this level of security to be expected and in some cases made compulsory in order to comply with Government, Military or USA standards. In fact Security Level P6 is expected to be used for UK Military documentation, it is also compulsory for this level to be used for UK Government documentation to be shredded to at least Security Level P6. If you work with either the Military or Government you should check your terms and conditions with regards to secure shredding to ensure you are meeting the desired standards. You will also find most Legal and Accountancy firms offer this level of shredding at some point within their corporation as many documents are highly secure.

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