Paper Guillotine

Choosing the Right Paper Guillotine For You

The Finishing Point partner with two of the most renowned companies in print and marketing to bring you a paper guillotine that's perfect for your purposes. Since the 1950's, Ideal has been at the forefront of cutting and shredding technology, and today, their guillotines are among the most advanced in the industry. Ideal now have one of the largest ranges of paper guillotines available worldwide. The range includes a selection of paper trimmers and large format paper trimmers as well as the manual and electric range of paper guillotines also referred to as "ream cutters".

Ideal’s products now incorporate not only the SCS safety package (Safe Cutting System) but also the newly patented Easy Cut blade activating bars for convenient and safe cutting on the electric machines.

Ideal also have new additions to their paper guillotines range with the new Ideal 4860, 5260, 6660 and the flagship digital machine the Ideal 5560 and Ideal 5560LT. If you buy a paper guillotine from us, all will incorporate the new IR Safety curtain and offer a 20% productivity increase over the equivalent lid guard versions. The Digital 5560 also offers a fully hydraulic operation to ensure fast, reliable and fully adjustable pressure cutting - this is the only model in the range to offer this and is ideal for partnering your latest digital print engine.

Gemini paper Guillotines although new to the UK have been successfully sold in Canada and the USA for over 8 years. The Gemini range has been manufactured and perfected since 1995 with the latest models incorporating many features normally only found on far most costly equipment. This ability to offer class-leading capabilities tied to exceptionally attractive pricing has made the Gemini Guillotines our best selling range with over 40 Gemini 465 Guillotines sold in 2017 alone. The latest Gemini Hydraulic range aims to build on that success with a far more heavy duty and high speed hydraulically powered guillotine paired to a new 270 mm colour touch screen with patented technologies will enable instant setup for complex cut procedures such as business cards.

Find The Ideal Paper Guillotine for all Budgets and Purposes

When choosing the right paper guillotine for you, the first step is to consider how frequently it will be used, and on what scale. Popular with business owners and the education sector, the Gemini 490 is a compact electrically operated office paper guillotines for cutting sheets up to SRA3 in format safely and accurately.

For the low to mid volume user, the Ideal 4855 Guillotine offers customers a compact, easy to use, reliable and robust electronic paper guillotine solution. It incorporates many unique features that are normally associated with larger guillotines and has a full 99 step program with memory function for up to 99 jobs with auto step between cuts. The model also features an automatic clamp system for speed of operation.

For those with a bigger budget and higher demand, the Gemini 560H Guillotine employs the latest technology to provide a fully configured commercial print guillotine for the B3 and digital print market. These paper guillotines include a fully hydraulic operation of both the knife and clamp, the latter with infinite pressure control, enabling fine adjustment over the holding of the stack to be cut without damaging the print work.