Card Creasing Machines (Manual)

The Finishing Point offer a large and complete range of Card Creasing Machines aimed at the Craft and Print industries. We offer ranges from all the world leading manufacturers including Duplo International, CreaseStream, Multigraph Touchline and our own brand EasiCrease which we import from Europe but are designed to our own specifications and designs.

Card Creasing has become an important part of the Print and Craft industries since Digital Print revolution. Digital print engines create the images using a mixture of toners and oils which are applied to the media by a selection of rollers and heat. As a result the images are often very clear and precise but the material is dry and brittle meaning that if the document is then folded it causes toner cracking along the folded spine, this is both unsightly and completely ruins the image.

Unlike traditional water based inks such as those found in Lithographic print applications where simple scoring wheels can be used to iron out any damage to a folded spine a digital print requires a bit more care and caressing in order to reach the required finish. This is where Card Creasing machines step in with an important process. Creasing the cards, a crease actually forms and shapes the media similar to the shape of a human lip, stretches the paper fibre and the toner into a channel, scoring merely crushes a line in to the card. As the card fibres are now stretched in the channel when the media is folded the fibre does not crack and you get a completely smooth wrap around image.

Perfect for Greeting Cards, Folded Business Cards and high end digital Book Covers.

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