Paper Collator is the term used to describe a piece of machinery used to collate paper from individual loose leaf sheets to sets. Collators are used in the Print and Education markets often to create either booklets or corner stapled documents. Flat Bed Collators can be used for anything from Paper and Card to textiles and Ceramic Tile packaging.

Paper collators can be purchased as stand alone machines for simply collating paper in to sets before being added to a lever arch file for example. More commonly collators are used in conjunction with automated bookletmakers to enable individually printed sheets to be fed in to a set before entering a booklermaker and being stitched, folded and trimmed. By adding a collator to a bookletmaker machine you enable complete automation from loose leaf to booklet. Flat bed collators are commonly used with high end booklet making machines such as Muller Martini. Flat bed collators are known to be very powerful and reliable, however they are also expensive and large in size and tend to be used by high end print companies for large volume runs in excess of 100,000 sets.

Paper Collators are split in to 2 different types known as Tower Collators and Flat Bed collators. Flat bed collators are commonly used with high end booklet making machines such as Muller Martini. The Finishing Point Ltd is a leading partner to Duplo International and as such offer a range of both Friction and Suction collators.


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