Perfect Binding Machines

Perfect Binding Machines

With more than 25 years worth of experience working with some of the UK's leading manufacturers, The Finishing Point supply high quality perfect binding machines and consumables to offices, print and design companies, schools and universities, and other commercial and public based facilities across the UK. We have a long-standing reputation for supplying industry leading machinery which helps businesses to expand their services whilst delivering an exceptional product. So, no matter how big or small your binding needs may be, we can provide you with a solution which is tailored perfectly to your exact needs.

About Perfect Binding 

Perfect binding is the process by which hot glue is applied to the spine of a stack of documents, a wrap around cover is then applied to the glue to produce a traditional paperback book. The Yellow Pages or Holiday Brochures are fantastic everyday examples of perfect binding. Paperback or soft cover books are also normally bound using perfect binding machines.

The machines pass the document stack or book block (cover and document) through the notching or sawing section which then roughens up the back of the book, this roughening or sawing enables the glue to penetrate through to the fibres. The machine then draws the book block back across the hot melted glue which sticks to the fibres and rough edges of the sheets within the book block. Once the glue is applied hot, it is immediately positioned above the heavier card cover and dropped and forced down into the cover, the clamp station then forces the cover and the book block together, the glue dries in seconds and a high quality book is created.

If required you can then trim the edges of the book with a paper trimmer to ensure that every edge is smooth.

Currently we stock and supply perfect binding machines and consumables from world leading manufacturers such as Duplo and Powis Parker Fastback.

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