Card Creasing Machines (Obeli)

Efficient Card Creasing Machines

Obeli manufacture an extensive range of automatic, electric and manual card creasing machines including some of the most advanced Cutter Creasers and Crease/Folders available on the world market. Currently represented around the globe via a detailed dealer network, of which we are the main UK arm of Obeli.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a strong working relationship with the manufacturing facility in the Far East and are continually developing our card creasing, cutter creasers and print finishing technology in order to bring new ideas, capabilities and more automated equipment to the world markets.

As always, it is important to do your research before investing in a card creasing machine to ensure that you make the right choice for your needs. Above all you need to consider how often you will use your machine and to what level. To help make finding the right machine for you easier, below is a brief summary of each type of card creasing machine that we stock:

Manual Card Creasing Machines 

Our manual card creasing machines are manufactured by our factory to our standards and are especially suited to low volume users or mock up creations in a print environment. With low cost and ease of operation, these machines are ideal home craft and card making applications. 

Electric Card Creasing Machines 

With our range of Semi Auto Card Creasers and our market leading Full Auto High Speed creasing systems, volume is key. Perfectly suited to high volume creasing requirements and ideal for producing high volume digital work as well as he more traditional high volume lithographic work, these machines offer business owners and operators an efficient and reliable service. You can benefit from high speed creasing without compromising on quality or reliability.

Auto Finish Card Creasing Machines

For a one stop solution you may benefit from our auto finish card creasing machines. The latest innovation in automated print finishing, these machines are fully automated, offering vacuum feeding, inline slitting, cross cutting, creasing and bi-directional perforating in a single pass. Some models within this range also offer programmable Skip/Stop perforation which makes them ideal for tickets, coupons or even complex perforation requirements.  We have one of the largest ranges of Slit, Cut & Crease (SCC) solutions which range from the low volume semi automated Multi-Card 331 SCC, through the Full Auto mid volume cost effective Multi-Card 331 SCC AIR to the high volume systems the Multi-Card Elite and Platinum which offer up to an impressive 25 sheets per minute production capability.

We also have a brand new concept coming mid 2018 which offers twice the production capability of the Elite & Platinum series which some unique and newly patented technology not found on any other Cutter/Creaser on the world market.

Crease & Fold Machines 

Digital print engines create images using a mixture of toners and oils which are applied to the media by a selection of rollers and heat. The result is a clear and precise image, however, once dry and handled or especially folded the toner can crack and degrade the image. With our crease and fold machines however, this damage is avoided as the innovative machines stretch the paper fibre and toner into a channel creating a clear creasing line which can be applied up to 32 times in each pass. The cards are then automatically folded along the crease lines, up to two folds can be applied but 32 crease lines, using the latest in knife fold technology, the result is a smooth fold which does NOT damage the image. 

These machines are especially effective for creating greeting cards, folded business cards and high end digital book covers.

Contact The Finishing Point Today for Free Impartial Advice

If you are unsure about which card creasing machine would best suit your requirements, please contact us today, we offer free impartial advice on the complete range of creasing machines available in the UK and we also offer free demonstrations at our showroom. We are also launching our Road Show in 2018 which will allow us to bring equipment to you in a safe and secure environment without the need to unload or impact on your business.